Your Cheating Heart Again

Drucilla paced the warehouse floor, her lace and satin skirts sweeping past Spike’s wheelchair with each turn. Spike had grown tired of watching.

"What is it, pet?"

"Slayer...Slayer...." she muttered.

It occurred to Spike that she might be ruminating over his injuries. He caught her and pulled her down on his lap. He pushed a shining black curl away from her mouth. "I’ll be all right, pet. Just takes a little time,"

"I want her!" shouted Dru suddenly, clenching her hands like a child in a tantrum, "I want her and I’ll do whatever I want with her!"

Spike shook her violently by the shoulders.

"You’ll stay the bloody hell away from her, is what you’re gonna do. she’s too dangerous. Her and her bloody friends and family. You stay away, Dru,"

Drucilla leaped out of his lap and resumed her pacing, "Better than me, better than me, I’ll do her better. I’ll catch her. I’ll catch her like a firefly in a jar and I’ll shake her and bruise her, I will," she gave an opalescent glance toward the corner, where newly made vampires huddled, awaiting permission to move. She pointed at them.

"Chains, and follow me," she announced.

"Dru, I forbid it!" shouted Spike.

Drucilla leaned down and kissed Spike.

"It’s going to be all right darling, Mummy’s got a craving,"

"Drucilla, no!" Spike shouted again, but she was gone, trailing the stumbling undead lackeys. Spike tried to swallow his sick rage. She was out of control. She needed looking after; she couldn’t be responsible for herself. The side entrance door slammed. Angelus was home. Spike grimaced; Angelus was his only option. Life had certainly been better than this.

Angelus drew on a cigarette as he sauntered into the room.

"How are ya, Spike? Makin’ like Old Man River? Just rollin’ along?"

"Dru’s taken off after the Slayer," said Spike.


"Go and get her, man!"

Angelus threw his head back and laughed.

"I just love women. Don’t you love women, Spikey? Well...for you it’s pretty much platonic now, isn’t it? But you know something I’ve learned?" he loomed over the wheelchair, "Sometimes it’s good to have women friends. They say it can’t be done, but-"

"Dammit, Angelus, go and get her before she gets hurt!"

"Ought to be quite a showdown," Angelus’ voice lowered and became suggestive, "Too bad you can’t come along, buddy. Want me to get it on film for ya?"

Spike knew better than to take the bait. He didn’t reply. The way to keep Angelus after you was to respond to him. Spike turned his wheelchair and moved away.

"Spike, just relax. The Slayer won’t be out and about for a half hour yet,"

Again, Spike ignored him. He heard Angelus take a last drag on his cigarette and stomp it out.

"Well, me being the man of the house these days, I guess I’d better go take care of business. Don’t worry, Spikey. If there’s a cat fight, I’ll get footage,"

Drucilla was an intuitive hunter. She placed her lackeys at even distances and walked between tombstones in the cemetery, hands out, fingers spread, sniffing, turning. "She’ll.....she’ll go this way....." she put her helpers behind stones, mapping a route, and then sat down to wait. Luck was with Drucilla. In less than five minutes Buffy hurtled into view, stake out, chasing a rogue vampire. Drucilla watched her intently for the first time. This Slayer was good. There was something about her...what was it? Something...undaunted. There was no self-pity in this Slayer; most of them had a victim complex. This one was strong. She waited, tapping her nails on a tombstone inscription that read, "Loving Mother".

Buffy was caught from behind by one lackey and pounced on by another. She fought beautifully; Dru stood in the open and watched, smiling. The new vampires were enthusiastic, but weak. Drucilla waltzed up and seized Buffy by the throat. Five other vampires restrained her now, but not for long. Buffy looked up into Dru’s face and quickly shut her eyes.

"Slayer’s smart, too," murmured Dru, "Knows what I can do,"

Chains went around Buffy’s arms, and she knew she’d made a mistake. She was caught, for the moment, and by the jealous girlfriend.

"Up here," Dru tapped a tall marble monument. Buffy was slammed against it. She managed to deliver some kicks, but she was momentarily in a very bad position. She was chained against the marble. Geils would have a fit.

"Go home," Dru swept her hand at her assistants. They hesitated, hoping for a tidbit. "Now," she lowered her eyes at them, and they fled.

Drucilla looked at her prize. She walked around Buffy, checking the chains, and absorbing all the angles of her. "Pretty Slayer, aren’t you?" she whispered. Dru sniffed at her. "So alive, so shimmer, little one,"

Buffy kept her eyes shut and didn’t speak.

Cold fingertips stroked her cheek. Dru made a hissing sound. "And you’re a hot one, you’re making Mummy sweat to touch you,"

"Dru!" it was Angelus’ voice, an enraged bark, "What are you doing?"

Drucilla jumped, but she turned a smile on him.

"Lookie," she said with delight, "A steamy little Slayer to play with,"

Angelus surveyed the scene: Buffy was bound twice, once with her hands behind her back, and then lashed to the monument as well. The chains strained across her body just above and just below her breasts, which were pushed further out by the tension on them; a thin blue knit metirial clung to them precariously, as the straps of her flimsy top were askew and threatened to fall. Another chain was lashed tightly just below her ribcage. Her chiffon mini skirt rippled in the night air. One chain was wrapped around each ankle twice and these were fastened together.

Impressive, thought Angelus.

"Good job, Dru. She’s not going anywhere,"

"She’s hotter than a kill," said Drucilla, gazing at Buffy, then she asked Angelus, "What’s Slayer taste like?"

"It’s very rich. You can get sick,"

"I know...." Drucilla leaned foreword, her lips just a hair’s breadth from Buffy’s. She made a high, delighted sound. "Watch Slayer’s nerves,"

"It’s amazing, isn’t it?" said Angelus.

Buffy’s body was reacting to the proximity of vampire all on it’s own. Her eyes were squeezed shut, but her skin tensed and jumped as Drucilla poised her mouth so close to Buffy’s mouth, her cheek, her neck.

"Are they like this all over?" asked Dru.

"Oh, yeah," said Angelus, his voice becoming silky, "you don’t know the half of it, Dru,"

Buffy gasped. Eyes shut, she could sense Drucilla’s long, cold hands stroking the air around her body. Dru’s mouth closed over Buffy’s in a strangely tender kiss; tender at first, before Dru’s fangs slid along the inside of her lower lip and drew blood. Dru growled in pleasure and dipped her tongue into Buffy’s mouth over and over.

"Uh....Dru....honey," said Angelus.

Buffy sank her teeth into Dru’s tongue, as hard as she could, but this didn’t draw the reaction she was hoping for. The vampire squealed joyfully and assaulted Buffy with vicious kisses, which ended abruptly.

Dru was on the ground.

"Let’s go over this again," said Angelus, "This one is mine. You want to play with the Slayer, I’ll let you. But I tell you how, and when, and how hard, and how much, and how much you can drink. These rules are subject to change without notice. Any questions, Dru?"

"No," pouted Drucilla. She stood up. "Don’t be angry with me, my Angel,"

Her Angel? thought Buffy, and a feeling arose in her that she hated herself for. She carefully kept her eyes shut; Angelus was almost as good at reading her as Angel had been.

"I won’t be angry. But you have to do it right." a finger stroked Buffy’s chin, picking up a little blood that had escaped the corner of her mouth. Angelus’ lips replaced the finger, and Buffy took in a deep shuddering breath; that mouth, God how she loved that mouth. Angelus kissed her long and deep, imitating Angel’s kisses perfectly, working her with them. Buffy tried to keep herself closed off, but her breathing was accelerating and every nerve in her skin was beginning to waken. His hands went around her waist and tested the chain tension. "Too tight?" he asked her softly.


"You’re lying,"

He kissed her again. His hands found the straps of her knit top and gently brushed them from her shoulders in an amazing mimic of Angel’s touch. Buffy gave a little shuddering breath that was almost a sob.

"Miss him?" Angelus asked. Buffy refused to give him the satisfaction. She hardened, managing to pull back.

"O.K." Angelus stepped back and hooked an arm around Drucilla, "Slayer 101. If you make them mad, you give them power. I had her a minute ago, but I blew it. See?" Angelus and Dru stared into Buffy’s eyes.

"She’s ready to fight," said Dru.

"Exactly. So now, we have to start over. It’ll be harder this time; she sees us coming. We’ll have to take a different tack," Angelus planted his mouth on Dru’s and gave her precisely the same kisses that Angel used to give Buffy. Buffy closed her eyes to blot out the sight, but then Dru was giving Buffy those kisses. They were different than Angel’s at first, but soon were so much the same that Buffy was again on the edge of tears. Was it this easy to get to her, she wondered, did she miss him so much that an imitation could affect her so deeply?

Dru’s hands stroked the air around Buffy for a while, finally landing lightly as moths on her shoulders, cold fingertips gliding down her arms and then up over her breasts, gently coaxing the blue knit downward from Buffy’s breasts, which emerged, creamy in the moonlight. Angelus placed his large hand on Buffy’s forehead and pushed her head back against the marble; his lips replaced Dru’s, and Dru’s mouth moved downward.

Buffy curled her toes inside her boots, struggling for some way to distract herself. Her breath was accelerating again. This is sick and wrong, she told herself, but it didn’t work. Drucilla’s cold fingertips were circling Buffy’s breasts very lightly. Buffy had never been touched by a woman like this and it should have creeped her out more; as it was, she was amazed at Dru’s sensitivity.

"Angel, look," whispered Dru wonderingly, and Angelus paused, "She glows," the two vampires stared at Buffy’s throat. "Like the moon,"

"Slayer blood," said Angelus quietly, almost with reverence, "More like the sun, actually,"

"A little sun," whispered Dru, "Her skin almost burns you before you even touch it,"

They both put their hands on Buffy’s throat, feeling the pulse of her life. Their hands moved; Dru’s fingertips circled Buffy’s exposed nipples, which stood up in the cool night air. Angelus had Buffy’s face in his hands and he was lapping at the little wound in her lip, which was beginning to close.

"Angel?" whined Dru, "A taste?"

"Yeah. Let me show you," Angelus stroked a finger over Buffy’s left nipple delicately, "Wake up the nerves first," he was holding her breast almost tenderly with one hand and tickling her nipple with his fingers. Buffy was flushed with pleasure and humiliation; her heart was speeding up. A sigh escaped her and she trembled. Both vampires chuckled. Dru began to imitate her sire. Her touches on Buffy’s other nipple were tantalizing, and Buffy arched back against the marble monument, eyes squeezed shut, chest heaving, biting hard on her lip where she had been bitten, hoping the pain would distract her, but the wound was gone already. She re-opened her lip. It didn’t help.

"All right, now watch," said Angelus. He took her nipple very gently in his mouth and slowly trailed his tongue over it. Dru followed suit. Buffy gave a sharp, breathless moan.

"Oooo!" Dru cried suddenly, drawing back.


"She’s-her skin-she’s getting hotter! She’ll burn me!"

"Don’t be a wuss, Dru. You’ll get used to it. And you’re ruining the moment,"

Dru tried again. They both kept at her, caressing her nipples relentlessly. Buffy was losing control. She was panting and her sex was heating up unbearably; Dru’s hand rested lightly on Buffy’s skirt, directly over her mound of curls, just as Buffy felt her moisture begin. Buffy cursed and threw her head back on the hard stone.

"Now," said Angelus; he and Dru each pierced the skin of her breasts with one fang and lapped the blood in circles around her nipples as they tasted. Buffy was seized by a blinding flash. Her body bucked and strained against the chains as she called out. She shuddered as she came out of it, her face flushed brilliantly, her eyes sparkling, her lips swollen. The two vampires were staring at her with something that resembled admiration.

Drucilla was licking her lips, "So rich and sweet, like I remember chocolates," her hand was still resting directly over Buffy’s sex. Angelus looked down and lifted Buffy’s skirt.

"No," said Buffy.

Angelus laughed. "Had enough already, lover? That’s not like you at all,"

"Payback’s a bitch," snarled Buffy.

"Payback’s later. Live in the now, Buff. Rip her panties off," he instructed Dru. Drucilla pulled the silky meterial away from Buffy’s skin and sliced through it easily with her nails, pulling the panties away in shreds.

"Now," said Angelus, and he turned to smile at Dru, "You wanna taste the real heat?"

Dru squealed like a five-year-old about to get birthday cake.

"The blood is too rich, a little goes a long way. But the cream filling-"

"I’ll kill you," said Buffy.

"Deja-vu," said Angelus, "I could swear you’ve said that before," he knelt in the grass at her feet, looking up at her with a smile Angel never had; Buffy hated that smile. "C’mere, Dru," Drucilla joined him.

"Now, remember the Slayer nervous system,"

"Yeah, like a little rabbit’s,"

"That’s right. You go too hard, you give too much too soon, you numb her out. Keep the nerves awake," he slid his hands up Buffy’s legs, touching her lightly. His fingers touched her sex, stroking the curls gently and without hurry. Dru’s fingers joined his. Dru growled, "Look, here’s some," she tasted her fingers. Angelus had found her moisture, too. They growled to each other. Angelus’ fingers stroked the outer folds of Buffy’s sex, softly; he leaned closer and slid his tongue quickly over her clitoris. Buffy’s legs were painfully tense and she jolted with the sensation of his cool, smooth tongue on her. Drucilla gave another growl and leaned in with him. Two cold tongues were slipping over her bundle of nerves now, trading strokes, circling, flicking, gliding. Buffy gave a raw shout. Their tongues accelerated, moving faster, but just as lightly, and Buffy gave up as the pleasure shattered through and over her like a wave, crashing her heart against her ribs, tearing the cries from her throat. Dru and Angelus were lapping at her inner thighs and between the folds of her sex hungrily. Angelus drove two fingers directly into her and Buffy felt her body wrap around them, capturing them. He withdrew them and stood up.

"The real heat," he said, "Comes now," he stepped behind the monument and began untangling the chains that tied her to it. Dru started with the chains at Buffy’s feet.

"No, Dru," he hissed.

Buffy’s heart had jumped, and now it sank again. When she got out of this they would pay. She was winded, her body throbbed from mouth to sex. She was released from the marble and stumbled foreward, chains jingling. She was lifted from behind; Angelus held her easily in one arm and carried her to a bench. Angelus sat on the bench and positioned Buffy in front of him, facing away.

"Dru, like we did before," said Angelus, "Nice and easy,"

Drucilla knelt in front of Buffy.

"I’m going to fry both of you in the sun," said Buffy.

"We need to talk about us, Buff," said Angelus; she heard his zipper come down, "You never keep your promises to me. Maybe it’s a fear of commitment,"

Drucilla’s mouth came foreward eagerly.

"Not yet," said Angelus, "Wait," he pulled Buffy backward until she was on his lap; his cock was pressed against her but he didn’t make another move. His hands began gliding over her, all over her, up her thighs, over her breasts, her lips, her hair; he was imitating Angel again, the way his hands used to worship every inch of her. She squeezed her eyes shut again, trying to block out his caresses. There was no way.

"Kiss her," he told Dru. Dru’s lips took Buffy’s in a kiss. Angelus’ hands wandered over her entire body, exploring, tracing. Buffy felt the heat growing in her again and thought of Angel, how much she longed for him, hoping to distract herself. It made things worse, because Angelus had all of Angel’s memories and he knew what buttons to push: the gentleness of his big hands, the way they lingered, their deliberately slow pace. Dru was kissing her the way Angelus had taught, sweet, tantalizing kisses. Buffy was beginning to shiver. Angelus moved his hands down her body once again to her sex, which was slick and hot. His fingers slid softly over her, gliding easily with her fresh moisture. He began to press his cock against her, holding her onto his lap. Buffy contracted inside. Her entire body was crying out for him. She was shaking with the effort to control it. Fangs sprung into Drucilla’s kisses. She pulled her mouth away from Buffy and fell to her knees.

"Good," she said, "Oh, Angel, she’s ready for you now, she’s hot like a fresh pastry,"

"One thing you’ll never know, Dru," Angelus said, " Is what it’s like to be inside her. There’s so much life in her you can feel it dancing around you, her pulse comes through in stereo, the heat in her makes you feel like you’ll catch fire," he was using Buffy’s body like a towel, rubbing her back and forth, up and down against his enormous cock.

"I will give her naughty kisses, and I will lap up all the sweetness for me,"

"It’s all yours, Dru," Angelus jerked Buffy’s body back and swept her legs as far apart as the chains would allow. He pushed on her upper back, bending her foreward, and lowered her onto him. He entered her slowly; Buffy felt her body close around him tightly, throbbing along every inch of him, and she crooned helplessly. She felt like she might pass out, it was almost more than she could bear.

He began to slide smoothly in and out of her.

"O.K., Dru, have a taste,"

Drucilla’s lips closed over Buffy’s clitoris delicately. Buffy crooned, arching, but Angelus reached around Buffy, grabbing Dru by a handful of hair and jerking her head away from Buffy’s sex.

"Angel-" she began to whine.

"Wait-I’ll show you," he was controlling Dru by pulling her head to Buffy’s sex, and then away, allowing her to lick until he felt Buffy getting too close to orgasm, and then yanking her head back again. It was absolute torture for Buffy. Her body strained painfully; she was practically weeping with frustration. This continued until Buffy felt her legs begin to give under the stress. Angelus gave a deep, vibrating growl and started bringing her back against him harder, driving deeper. He pulled Dru’s head forward, mashing her mouth onto Buffy’s begging center. Drucilla gave over to her own hunger, licking and sucking ferociously.

The world seemed to dip violently, like an amusement park ride. Buffy lost touch with everything for a moment, then her mind seemed to swing back into the night. Her throat was raw, because she was crying out over and over. Her body shook so violently that her legs finally gave out; Angelus had complete control of her with one arm and his motions were quickening, slamming her back against him like a rag doll. He gave a sound like a howl, his cold sperm filled her. He drew her back against his body and pressed his face into the back of her neck. Buffy waited for fangs, but then she realized that he was smelling her, inhaling deeply from her hair. He was shaking. It was an unusual moment for Angelus, but Buffy was not drawn in. She steeled herself for the inevitable return of his vicious nature. She didn’t have to wait long.

Drucilla was on the ground, whining.

Angelus jerked Buffy upright.

"Excuse me," he said, and tossed her onto her face in the grass. "All right Dru, all right," he said in a soothing tone. Buffy rolled over and saw Angelus’ fingers and face buried in Dru’s sex, working her brutally. Buffy rolled back over and started to struggle out of the chains. She heard Drucilla screech several times. Buffy’s stomach turned acid. She cursed to herself, rotating her wrists. Anywhere but here, she thought, anywhere but here, but she could only imagine herself in bed next to Angel.

Angelus was on his feet and Dru was adjusting her dress. "You’ll forgive me, lover, it’s just common courtesy," he said. " I need a kill," he said to Dru, "Something easy. You two wore me out,"

"I know where," Dru began, but Angelus shushed her. "Not in front of the S-l-a-y-e-r" he spelled, "Those chains are good for-" he picked Buffy up by her bound arms and she cried out sharply; he tested the chains, "About another ten minutes," he tossed Buffy back on the ground, "Let’s boogie,"

"Angel," crooned Drucilla, "Am I your best girl?"

Angelus was looking down at Buffy. "Yeah," he said, absently. Buffy knew he was looking to take one last shot at her. "Maybe she’ll catch up with us, though," he said, more brightly, "Maybe she’ll actually do her job and protect the lives of innocent people, like she’s supposed to,"

"Maybe I’ll chain you out here and you can watch the sunrise," said Buffy.

Angelus laughed delightedly.

"She’s great, isn’t she?" he asked Dru.