Big thanks to The Evil Twins, Lex & Tam, for inviting us into the Bitchenvy Empire.

I've received many kind words about the site. Creating and maintaining this site for one of my favorite writers has been a labor of love. I wanted to make some place simple, easy to use and nice for the B/A fans to come to and read Harpy's amazing stories. A safe haven from the evil whims of Joss & Co.

I'm no artist, but I am a highly skilled web surfer ;-).

The celtic designs were obtained from several free clip art sites on the web. I altered most of them in photoshop to size them and create the various icons.

Some of the clip art sites are not around anymore, but I did use a few things from these sites:
Gros' Web Art
Joelle's Celtic Clip Art


Harpy's Index

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