Buffy’s Diary
October 8, 1997
Part 1

Timeline: (Between the episodes, Inca Mummy Girl and Reptile Boy)

In the beginning of Reptile Boy Buffy tells Willow she’s dreamt of Angel three nights in a row. This is the first part of the first dream.

I just had the most intense dream....WOW....I feel like I might not even be awake now...it’s so weird to have dreams like that. My dreams about the Master were like this in a way, they were so VIVID, so real! But they stunk. This one...this one I wish I had on video.

I was sleeping. It wasn’t just that I knew I was sleeping, I felt like I was asleep. A cool breeze came in the window, and I was wishing Angel would show up, even if he had the usual bad news, I just wished I could see the outline of his body in the dark. I turned over on my stomach and the covers slipped off my feet. I was going to sit up and fix the covers but a pair of big, cold, gentle hands slipped over them and held them, and I gasped. His fingers stroked my feet with long motions, his thumbs gliding over my insteps, the tips of his fingers pushing gently between my toes, he held my heels in his palms. I sighed, and then I gasped again because his lips were against my instep, that most sensitive part of my foot, and he was kissing, the kind of kisses where he dips his tongue very slightly. He moved his mouth all over the bottoms of my feet, nibbling and kissing, and all I could do was lay there and croon.

His fingers slid up my legs and stopped at the backs of my knees, and soon his mouth was here, too, so gentle and cool, and I was shaking all over. That’s the main part that was so real, the way I could FEEL everything. Little thrills were crawling up my legs with every kiss, and up and up...his fingers were moving slowly, so slowly up the backs of my thighs underneath the covers, and I thought somewhere in my mind, "Too close, pull away" but my body wouldn’t do it. My heart was pounding. His hands slid smoothly up over the curves of my behind under my panties and he spread his fingers inside them and slipped them off, all the way down, and pulled them over my feet. I was breathing so hard that my mouth was getting dry...I was waiting for him to keep on where he had stopped, but I heard the soft sound of clothes falling on the floor. I started to turn over but he stopped me, holding on to my ankles. He didn’t say anything and I didn’t, it was a magical silence that neither one of us wanted to break.

He kissed the balls of my feet and started moving up. He moved so slowly, almost lazily, but with complete devotion in every kiss, in every touch. His mouth traveled over the backs of my legs. Goosebumps came up all over me, and something else happened...I felt myself start to get wet between my legs. He was taking his time, and it started to drive me crazy. My hips jerked, I didn’t mean to, I had no control over that. His hands slid over my behind again, finally, and his mouth followed. He took tiny mouthfuls of each cheek, tongue sweeping softly inside each kiss. He wasn’t going to leave one cell unkissed. His hands slipped up under my belly and held me as though I was something to eat, like a slice of watermelon that you have to hold with both hands, he was lifting me to his mouth.

After a long time he pulled away and I felt dizzy...he lifted my feet together as he knelt on the foot of the bed and pressed them close to each other...and then he pressed his hardness onto the soles of my feet. I said, "OH!" out loud, and bit the pillow. I realized everything at that moment: that he was undressed, that he was so hard he didn’t even feel like flesh, he felt like stone, and that he was going to do even more wonderful things to me. He took my ankles and spread them apart lovingly, everything he does he does with affection, I always feel that. A little trickle moved between my legs, I was so wet it was actually dripping out of me. He moved up closer and knelt between my legs. He slipped a hand over my back. I’m always surprised at he size of his hands...his hand almost spanned the width of my shoulders. He kissed the inside of my thigh, his hand still stroking my back, and then both his hands moved down and tenderly spread me apart. I could not be quiet anymore.



His lips brushed my inner thighs. He stopped when his mouth found wetness and delicately sipped it up. He followed the wetness he found, and then I felt his mouth between my legs, just his lips at first, brushing softly, then he started licking, little flicks.

"AAaaa....Aaangel, Angel!"


"I can’t..."

He moved off the bed, reaching for something. He leaned over me, his mouth next to my ear.

"Buffy, you’ve got to be quiet," he whispered. "Do you need some help?"


He slipped one of my chiffon scarves around my head, between my teeth. I knew what he meant. I wasn’t gagged at all really, but it would remind me. He tied it just tight enough to stay on, testing it to make sure it wasn’t cutting me.

"We’ve just started, Buffy," he whispered sweetly, "You’ve got to try to be quiet,"