A Christmas Slaying
Part 8

Special Note: This part of the story, and the last few parts, will pay tribute to my own favorite B/A erotica writers and their work. I have many favorites, too many, actually, to cover them all. There are so many talented writers who have been inspired by BTVS, and I can only pay tribute to a few of them. I firmly believe that Buffy and Angel wander through the net, seeking out stories to expirience together....I also believe that the stories I am about to take quotes from are some of their favorite haunts.

This chapter is dedicated to the writings of Lady Sirona and the Dangerous Writing Team of Jill and Lynn. All works are used only with expressed written permission by the authors.

"Who should we start with?" panted Buffy

"Your pick," said Angel. He managed to tear his eyes from Buffy's and looked at Joss. "Right now, you're going to meet some of our favorite writers,"

"Fan fiction?" said Joss.

Buffy burst into giggles and Angel grinned at her, then at Joss.

"It's got to be a sampler," said Buffy, "Because we've only got an hour,"

"We can't finish any of them?" Angel's voice rose in pitch.

"We won't have time. He's got to get it. US. We're alive, Angel. We're real. We need to be together. Let's show him, let's show him how many hearts want it, how many imaginations fire it,"

"You're right," Angel smiled at her lovingly, "But let's get on it. If we have to skip around, let's cut right to some of the best erotica,"

"OK....." she said, "Let's start with a part of a story called Acid Slayer,"

"You're starting me off with Lady Sirona?" Angel growled, "Way to cut to the heat! Fine, if you can take it," Angel shook his head, his features transforming, becoming paler and sharper, his voice taking on a sarcastic edge, "So can Angelus.....Lady Sirona! Go!"

"'She was on him the second they got behind closed doors,'" Joss realized that Buffy was quoting a story. She threw herself against Angel and proceeded to act out the story she was reciting, "'She literally tore his shirt right off his back, baring his chest to her attack with her mouth, lips and tongue.(1)'"

Buffy threw Angel's shirt aside and her mouth assaulted him.

Angel took over, "'He was forced against the wall and he allowed her to orally manhandle his body, amazed at her aggression. Buffy suckled on his pert male nipples, the hard nubs from her attentions, he returned the favor of the shirt. Angelus shredded her shirt off her back, followed quickly by her bra. Her pert young soft breasts bounced free and she arched her back as they were free. *She* growled as he dropped to one knee and took her breast into his mouth and the other in his hand,(2)'"

Buffy panted, "'She grabbed his hair and held him at her breasts as he suckled and nipped. She loved the tightening feeling she got in her insides from his oral attentions and gasped when he reached up with his unoccupied hand and stroked her through her moist panties under her short skirt. She thrust her hips at him in silent entreaty as Angelus pushed her skirt up baring her to his touch, sight and taste. Her underwear were soaked with her juices, and he could smell her arousal and her need. She moaned and thrust and twitched with his slightest touch. With a low growl he tore her underwear off, leaving the shreds hanging on her hips(3),'"

Angel rumbled, "'He leaned forward and he lapped at her molten core while she hooked her leg over his shoulder and thrust her herself onto his face with a moan and a cry,(4)'"

Buffy cried out, thrusting toward Angel's mouth. "Switch!" she shouted.

"Now?" Angelus raged.

"Now. You can handle it. We'll finish Acid Slayer later,"

"It's my turn," he seethed.

"So, hurry up!"

"You're going to pay for this,"

"So make me pay!"

"You asked for it," growled Angelus, "Fine. Games We Play, by Jill and Lynn. You deserve nothing less...." he bowed his head, and when he looked back up at her his features had softened. "So now we'll slow it down, shall we?"

"Uh....guys?" Joss spoke fearfully from his desk, "I get it, OK?"

Angel and Buffy looked at each other and burst into hysterics.

"That's ONE writer!"said Buffy. "One of the best, yes, but still, ONE! Do you know how many people read Lady Sirona's stories? And Jill and Lynn's? What you have to see here is that there are lots of imaginations at work, imaginations that keep us so busy that we don't sleep between shows! That much creative energy and passion and heart, poured into US! If you think we can just be separated....you are wrong, Joss!"

"But I-" Joss began.

"This is my part of your dream," said Angel, "And you should take it like a man, Joss. We are not done. There are so many things I get to do to her," he stood and took Buffy in his arms, lifting her from the floor and walking toward Joss's desk, "And you'll get to watch. It's the least you can do,"

Angel tossed Buffy onto Joss's desk, which transformed into Angel's bed before she landed. She bounced gently, leaning back on the pillows. Joss scooted his chair backward but found himself trapped, unable to get more than a two- foot distance from the mostly-naked, slightly glistening couple.

"So, NOW-" gasped Buffy.

"Games We Play, by Jill and Lynn," said Angel, "My pick....." he crawled over Buffy on the bed and settled between her legs, his weight on his arms. "Here we go....'Tell me what you want,' he whispered against her stomach, his tongue snaking out to taste her skin. 'Tell me what you want and I'll do it. Whatever you want...all you have to do is tell me,' he was using her own words against her. He pushed her legs further apart and planted himself between them comfortably, his hands holding her hips still as she tried to squirm closer,(5)'"

Buffy jumped in, "'Make me come..." she moaned breathlessly. 'Please...(6)'"

"'Not good enough, lover,'" quoted Angel, "'...tell me how,' he told her quietly. 'Do you want me to use my fingers?' His large hand came up to touch her, using his fingers to part the wet folds and sliding one inside just to tease. Her hips bucked upwards trying to make him touch her more, but he pulled away. 'Or do you want me to use my tongue?' giving her a sample of what she wanted, using just the tip of his tongue to open the lips slightly. Then he pulled away again(7),'"

Buffy jumped in again, "'She whimpered and strained to move closer, but his arms held her in place,(8)'"

"'You have to tell me what you want or you won't get it...(9)'" said Angel.

Buffy continued, "'Before he finished that statement, she grabbed his hand pushing it down between her splayed legs, gasping out 'fingers...touch me...' Instantly he obeyed her command, using one hand to hold her open to him, using the other to touch the slick, swollen flesh. She tilted her hips up to give him better access, opening herself further. 'Rub my clit...'she mewled, wriggling her hips. Using just the tip of his finger, he did what she asked, circling the little nub slowly, occasionally moving gently across the tip. She whimpered his name over and over, gasping in pleasure. Looking up her body, he saw her gasping for air, face flushed, nipples harder than they were before, her hands clenching and unclenching in the sheets,(10)'"

Angel continued,"'Play with your tits," he ordered hoarsely. Her hands immediately followed his order, squeezing and rubbing the nipples, moaning out her pleasure. Suddenly, she pushed her hips up again. He looked up and found her watching him intently,(11)'"

Buffy took the story again,"'Use your tongue, lover...make me come...' she commanded. Grinning, he bent his head to do her bidding. Still holding her open, he used his tongue to mimic his earlier movements, teasing, until she growled at him, grabbing his head, tilting it so he was looking into her eyes.

'Don't tease it...suck it...and watch the teeth...' she demanded in a guttural voice, pulling his head to where she wanted it, and letting hers fall back to the pillows. Using his tongue from underneath it, he drew her clit into his mouth, and sucked gently. She let out a high pitched squeal and ground herself into his face. 'Oooh, right there....yessss...do it...more...' she mumbled.

'Make me come...' He continued to do what she wanted, increasing the pressure steadily, pushing her towards the edge. Suddenly, her hands left his head and reached back to the headboard, gripping it tightly, giving herself some leverage to rock her hips against his mouth. With a shriek, she thrust her hips up a final time, coming in a blinding flash against his mouth,(12)'" Buffy threw herself into the story. The headboard of the bed rammed against the wall. Joss was cringing in his chair, biting his knuckles.

Buffy caught her breath and kept on, "'He continued his actions while she shivered and thrashed in his arms, until she released the headboard and relaxed her tense body. Her hand came down to gently push his head away from her. He released her hips, letting her sink gently back to the bed, then crawling up her collapsed body. He laid down on top of her, taking his weight on his arms. Her arms came up around his back and pulled him down to her, wrapping her legs around his waist.(13)'" Buffy panted in Angel's arms, breathless from recitation and passion.

"Hey, Buffy-Angel, listen," said Joss, "I really have to go,"

The couple shot each other looks of exasperation and then turned twin glares on Joss.

"You're dreaming!" said Buffy, "You can't go anywhere!"

"What's the matter, Joss?" asked Angel, raising up on one elbow. Joss saw the faint glisten of Buffy's pleasure on his mouth and chin, "Getting a little frustrated? Do you imagine that I care?"

"Well.....but, I-"

"Get a grip, Joss," said Buffy. "You're here for the duration. Deal."

Angel gazed up at Buffy. "I love it when you get tough," he said.

"I'm always tough," said Buffy.

"Yes, I know," he said, smiling softly, "And it's your turn,"

Parts 1,2,3,&4: From Acid Slayer, by Lady Sirona {Literary Slayer of the JMB}

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Parts 5,6,7,8,9,10,11,&12: From Games We Play, by Jill {Mistress of Arms, Crafter of Crossbows of the JMB} and Lynn {Chief Metallurgist and Magikal Symbol Engraver for the JMB}

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