A Christmas Slaying
Part 9

Special Note: This part of the story, and the last few parts, will pay tribute to my own favorite B/A erotica writers and their work. I have many favorites, too many, actually, to cover them all. There are so many talented writers who have been inspired by BTVS, and In can only pay tribute to a few of them. I firmly believe that Buffy and Angel wander through the net, seeking out stories to experience together....I also believe that the stories I am about to take quotes from are some of their favorite haunts.

This chapter is dedicated to the writings of Tamara, Evil Twin Leader of the JMB, and Laure Alexander, Cheif Counter-Intelligence of the JMB.....All works are used only with expressed written permission from the authors.

"Let's explore Angelus a little more," said Buffy. She turned her head to look at Joss."It's important, because fan fiction writers know that we never stopped loving each other, they know that even the demon is in love with me. They have some genius ways of exploring that, too,"

"Yes, they do," said Angel, smiling softly at her, "Where are we going exploring now?"

"How about a nice cemetery scene?" said Buffy.

"With emotional content." said Angel, "Not desire alone, but tenderness. Love,"

"Exactly," she said. Angel leaned foreword, kissed her, and rose from the bed.

"With Angelus?" blurted Joss.

"Yes. That's the whole point," said Buffy, "So you can see the range here. Fan fiction writers aren't trapped in this ambivalence you've got about love." Angel reached out his hand and helped her from the bed. She bounced onto her feet.

"Subtext," said Angel, "They have a feel for the unspoken word, for the potential in a moment, in a glance, in a certain slant of light. You've got to see some of this stuff,"

"And we'll show you," said Buffy, "It's my turn to pick, so I pick Tamara, Needs Met,"

"Sweet," said Angel. Joss watched as their clothing seemed to blur, then to run like watercolors and change on their bodies; they were both dressed again. "Let's get on it,"

"You just want to get to the smut!" said Buffy.

Angel looked at Joss. "She reads me like a book," he said. The office around them was transforming, from Angel's apartment into the cemetery at night.

"Like a story," Buffy smiled at him. "OK: Needs Met, by Tamara," She began:

"'I wonder why it is all the Slayer moments interrupt my history class,' she asked herself as she walked past a crypt."(1)

"'I often wonder that myself.'"(2) It was Angel's turn.

Buffy took over once more, "Buffy whirled around, stake raised, as she confronted her opponent. When she saw who it was, she relaxed her stance and dropped her arm.(3)

'Well, look who's here,' she said with a smile. 'Are you following me again?'"(4)

Angel took it up, "Angelus stepped out of the shadows, a frown marring his face. 'What are you doing out?' he asked, ignoring her question."(5)

"'I'm slaying vampires,' she answered, puzzled. 'It's what I do.'"(6) Buffy again.

"'Are you telling me the minions are disobeying orders?'"(7) Angel continued.

Buffy took her line, "Buffy chuckled. 'Angel, calm down. The dumb squad is following the general's commands, even if they don't understand them. I'm not really sure I understand them myself,' she added softly. (8)

When Angelus had informed her of the no fighting the Slayer policy he'd given the minions she'd laughed. That he thought she couldn't take on the idiots Spike had working for him, amused her."(9)

Angel continued, "But then he'd reminded her that he was in charge now and his underlings weren't so stupid. He'd walked off with a smile telling her his decision had been based on his need to kill her himself. He wasn't about to let the lesser vamps take his prize.(10)

'I don't understand them either,' Angelus interrupted her thoughts, stepping closer to her." (11)

"Buffy took a step back,"(12)

Buffy recited, and moved with the story, "Not out of any fear that he would hurt her, but knowing that if he touched her all was lost. It galled her to know that even now, when he was trying to turn her into a vampire every other day, that she still wanted him, that she still needed him. It was sad and if anyone knew, namely Giles, Willow and Xander, they'd freak.(13)

'Why are you here?' she asked, when her back touched cold stone. There was no where else for her to go."(14)

Angel moved foreward and took over the story now, "Angelus shrugged, and he closed the gap between them. Reaching up, he placed one hand on either side of her head, trapping her between him and the wall of the tomb. (15)

'I came here looking for you,' he said, leaning down to stare into her eyes. 'I can't get you out of my mind and it's driving me crazy. Every time I close my eyes you're there, every time I look around I see your face. I lay down in bed when the sun rises and I can still smell you on the sheets. You haunt me day and night.' He stepped closer, his body brushing against hers."(16)

"Buffy let out a whimper of pure need before wrapping her arms around him,"(17)

Buffy reached for Angel as she recited, "Pulling him to her, answering her body's demand for the feel of him. She didn't think about the consequences of getting involved with him like this. She ignored every instinct telling her to walk away. All she could think was that this was what she'd wanted for so long, being close to him, just like in her dreams."(18)

"'I can't think,' Angelus continued, against her ear."(19)

Angel muttered his line, "'I can't function. I can't do anything because you're always there. It's about time we do something about it.'(20)

He flashed her one brief smile, before covering her lips with his."(21)

Buffy gave a moan and launched into her part, " Buffy responded eagerly, opening up to him, surrendering to him as he staked his claim on her soul. Angelus deepened the kiss, giving her all of him as their mouths danced together."(22) Angel pulled his mouth away from hers breifly, "After a moment, he took her in his arms, lifting her until their mouths were level. She wrapped her legs around his waist, pressing instinctively into his hardness." (23)

They were kissing again.

Joss cleared his throat nervously, but they ignored him. Angel continued the story.

"Angelus pulled back, allowing Buffy to replace the air her lungs needed, his mouth going to her throat.(24)

'Buffy, I want you,' he said, his tongue tracing circles around the pulsing vein in her neck, his teeth lightly grazing her flesh. 'No matter how much I try to deny it, it's always there, in the back of my mind, constantly reminding me how much I need you.'"(25)

Buffy laid her head back as she continued the story, "His mouth moved from her throat, away from the temptation her flowing blood offered him, and his mouth moved across her collarbone. His hands reached up to undo the buttons of her shirt, freeing a path he followed with his tongue. Against the wall, Buffy held him to her, her eyes closed, her mouth dry. She couldn't speak she was so wrapped up in what Angelus was doing to her, so happy to be in his arms again.(26)

When his hands found their way to her thighs, his fingers tracing a path up and down the length of smooth flesh, she knew she couldn't stop him. When his fingers slipped beneath the silk of her panties, dipping into her wet center, she knew she didn't want him to. She needed Angelus as much as he needed her. And she was damn sure going to have him.(27)

Still leaning back against the wall, she fumbled with the button to his pants, smiling happily when she found him hard and waiting for her. She stroked him softly, chuckling to herself when he groaned in pleasure."(28)

"Switch!" said Angel.

Buffy laughed, "NOW?"

"Yeah," he groaned.

"You've got something in mind," said Buffy.

Angel's smile curled across his face. "What do you say we get a little help on this next one? Let's go to something brutally Angelus. A shared expirience,"

"You're thinking of a little help from Willow and Spike?"

"You got it,"

"It's got to be Laure Alexander you're thinking of," said Buffy.

"Fun And Games In The Cemetery," said Angel.

"MMmmm," said Buffy.

"I thought you'd like it,"

Angel took Buffy's hand and they walked away from Joss. Joss looked to his right and jumped. Willow and Spike were curled in each other's arms under the low-hanging branches of a large tree. Further away, Angel and Buffy were locked in a ferocious kiss as he crushed her against a marble obelisk. Willow and Spike were nearly hidden in the shadows.

To Joss's surprise, Willow started narrating, "Willow watched in wonder as Angel pulled back from Buffy and forced the girl to her knees, his hands remaining on her shoulders. Willow could see the look of angry passion on her friend's flushed face."(29)

Angel spoke as Angelus,"'Take out my cock,' Angel ordered."(30)

Buffy took it up, "Buffy shook her head. 'I don't want to do this,' she said hesitantly."(31)

"'Yes you do. You love my cock down your throat almost as much as you love it up your cunt.'"(32) growled Angel.

Willow took over, "Willow frowned at the harsh tone of Angel's voice and the obscene orders he was issuing as the redness deepened on Buffy's face. The couple were turned enough for Willow clearly to see Buffy reach for and undo the snap and zipper of Angel's pants. Willow couldn't contain her gasp as Angel's erection popped free. It looked to be the same length of Spike's, but was much thicker, as proven by the fact that Buffy's fingers couldn't encircle it fully."(33)

"'Size doesn't matter,'"(34) that was Spike, "Spike mumbled, glowering slightly into Willow's wide eyes. 'It's what you do with it. Watch and see if you would prefer what he does to her.'"(35)

Willow took over the story again, "The bitterness in his voice, made Willow look up at him and she realized where it came from. Drusilla. Although Spike had never said it, Willow had gathered that Drusilla had returned to Angel.(36)

"Gently Willow caressed Spike's cheek and leaned up to kiss him. Spike gave her a surprised look, then kissed her back, caressing her tongue with his own. Her hand found it's way between them and she began to caress his staff through his jeans. 'It's just right for me,' she whispered boldly, squeezing him gently.(37)

With a grin, Spike kissed her on the nose, then turned her back to the other couple as his fingers returned to their job between her trembling thighs. Willow reddened as she watched Buffy engulf Angel's large penis in her tiny mouth, sliding her lips down almost to the base."(38)

"'Deep throat. They've been doing this for awhile. Takes practice.'"(39) Spike recited.

Willow took over again, "Willow nodded in wonder, remembering her own experience with Spike's penis in her mouth, comparing the fact that he hadn't forced her to do anything, hadn't held her down as Angel was obviously doing. Although, it also didn't look like Buffy was protesting too much. She appeared to be sucking eagerly. At the memories, even more heat flooded Willow and she bucked against Spike's hand." 40)

Angel took the story now, "Angel continued to hold Buffy down. It wasn't necessary. Her momentary balking had passed quickly and was more a reflex action than anything, but it gave him more control as he thrust into her mouth. Taking her head between his hands, he began to pump hard, forcing gagging gasps from her as she fought for air." (41)

Willow balked as she said the lines, "Fear hit Willow and she scrambled to her knees,"(42)

Now it was Spike's line again, "Spike caught her around the waist and pressed himself against her back. 'He isn't hurting her...much.'"(43)

Angel took it over, "Letting Buffy go, Angel pulled his cock free, then yanked her to her feet. Buffy swayed dizzily, then leaned back against the obelisk. She pushed her shirt back over her breasts and groaned as his hands grabbed her naked flesh, most likely leaving bruises as he roughly kneaded her breasts and tweaked her nipples."(44)

It was Spike's turn again, "Spike urged Willow forward until she found herself on her hands and knees, still safely in the shadows of the tree. Before she realized what was happening, she heard the quiet sound of a zipper being opened and felt Spike's hands raising her skirt over her bottom. (45)

Willow's eyes widened in surprise, then she whimpered in pleasure and wiggled as he caressed her naked bottom cheeks. When his finger circled her anus, she gasped and surged back against him." (46)

Willow continued, "'Not there...yet,' he whispered and she shivered in anticipation. (47) Lifting her head, she watched as Angel pulled back from Buffy, running his eyes over her half-naked, disheveled, shaking body." (48)

Angel took the line over, "'So, Slayer, tell me,' he began, conversationally. 'What do you want now?'"(49)

Buffy's turn, "'For you to leave me alone,' Buffy gasped out, clutching at the smooth marble that was supporting her." (50)

Angel smirked and continued, "Angel made a sound sort of like a buzzer. 'Wrong answer! Try again.'" (51)

Buffy continued, "Buffy raised her head slowly and licked her dry lips. Finally, she spoke, softly, rather sadly. 'I want you.'" (52)

"'Better,' Angel coaxed. 'And you want me how?'" (53)

Buffy took the line, "A spark of anger flared across her beaten face. 'Inside me.'" (54)

Angel gave her a look of expectation and a 'go on' gesture and a sneer crossed Buffy's face."(55)

It was Angel's turn again, " It was obvious she hated him for making her do this...making her want this."(56)

Buffy kept on, "'I want your cock inside my pussy, you bastard,' she growled." (57)

"Jesus," muttered Joss, squirming.

Four heads tuned on him at once. Four voices assaulted him in a ringing chorus,

"SHUT UP!!!"

Joss gasped and cowered. He looked longingly a the door. When would this dream be over? He was so deeply flushed it was painful...his face was on fire.

"Time to switch anyway," said Angel, "Your turn," he said.

She smiled back at him. She turned to Willow and Spike.

"Thanks for the help, guys,"

"Fight the good fight," said Willow

"Shall we see you two later," said Spike, "For a little Cat Out Of The Bag?"

Angel turned and grinned at them. "Could be,"

Willow and Spike kissed hungrily as they faded from view.

"We can only do one more," Buffy turned to Angel.

"I know which one,"

"I know you know,"

They turned their heads in Joss's direction. Their eyes gleamed at him.

"Lex," they hissed in unison.

(1)-(28) by Tamara, Evil Twin Leader of the JMB. For more of Tamara's stories visit the Naughty Slayer Archive

(29)-(57) by Laure Alexander, Cheif Counter-Intelligence of the JMB. For more of Lauries' stories, Visit The Sexier Side of Buffy and the Naughty Slayer Archive